A Cup of Tea

Sit down and let me warm up the kettle. Let us talk.  Being at the table sipping tea is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings, taking a moment to reflect and dream big dreams.

So many of us do not take the time to just sit and enjoy a quiet moment. I have been guilty of this: always on the go, must say yes to every commitment, one class is not enough let me take two.  We must learn to quiet our bodies and minds, and listen, otherwise we can harm ourselves. It is important to daydream, whisper to yourself ideas that enter your mind, be creative.  I realize that where I find my peace is within nature. Hiking on a mountain trail, the quiet solitude of hearing nothing but the birds chirping, the smell of the pine trees, watching the fresh rain falling on a meadow of spring mountain flowers, the buzzing of the wings on a dragonfly as they flit back and forth. It is here that I feel relaxed – next to a creek. The water flowing over rocks as I watch, taking me back in time to a place where things were simpler. The scent of moss and damp earth reminding me there are things much bigger than me. The tranquil surroundings calling to me takes my breath away. It is here that I can think, dream, ponder, and reminisce.

What brings you peace?

Where is your solitude?

Tell me your dreams.

Let’s have a cup of tea and take a moment to reflect and appreciate.


One thought on “A Cup of Tea

  1. Yes, I’ll join you for a cup. Thank you for the invitation, and the offering of tea and an ear!
    Indeed, the immersion into nature has a tremendous cleansing effect, I too can parallel your thoughts with my own here. Running water from a stream, sticking ones hands or feet into it, there is nothing so visually and audibly perfect to wash away ones thoughts and worries. Here they are, and there they go! Just feeling the energy, as the water itself, flow. Love it.
    My own version to quiet the head is to get in the studio and make something. For me there is something soothing and enlightening in transforming materials into a new “thing”, listening to the bits and pieces, trying to hear their “voice”, their wishes, and letting myself play. The flow of energy of creation is a powerful thing. Addictive. Mesmerizing. Fulfilling.
    May I have another cup please?


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