So many meanings

via Daily Prompt: Tea

When I see the word tea so many memories and meanings come to mind.  Sitting on the porch on a hot summers day and sipping a cold iced tea with my mother. The outside of the glass slippery as it sweats from the cold drink inside. Your mother bringing you a hot cup of tea, steam rolling across your face as you sip to help what ails you.  You feel the warmth through the mug, taking solace in it. Laughing with a friend as you share a pot over a cozy table in a small, inconspicuous shop- catching up on life, love, and everyday happenings.  Even though it may have been years since you have seen each other, there is something comforting reconnecting this way, the years fall away and the conversation is easy.  Having an enjoyable hot cup alone in your favorite chair while you read a book, no distractions except getting lost in the lives of the characters you read about.

There are so many flavors to experience and ailments to be healed.  Savor the aroma and taste the sweetness, enjoying every sip. It helps you forget the world and ignore the things you have to do.. even for just a little while.

T – Therapeutic

E – Everything is better

A – Aromatic

There is always time for tea.

“When I drink tea, I am conscious of peace. The cool breath of Heaven rises in my sleeves and blows my cares away.” ~ Chinese Poet Lo Tung

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